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  • Design for outer covering that is water proof/resistant and wind resistant (can't fold in on itself in the wind)
    • Multiple piece that mirror the dome structure?
  • Design for inner lining that will server as a screen for the lights. This lining will be suspended from the inside of the dome. Should be light weight and see through. Should be as smooth as possible
    • Same fitted strategy as outer covering?
    • "Beach ball" like design, i.e. a hemiphere
    • Pattern

      A beach ball pattern that is 3" smaller than the inner radius of the dome.

Back Padding Edit

Need 14 foam sheets (there are 15 panels but one is a door) to create seating. The sheets should be at least 22" wide (longest side is 21.75") and 45" long (backs are 42" tall + extra three inches for the slant).

22" x 45"

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Foam For You Edit

Available sheet sizes
82" x 76" x 1" @ $21.64

Can fit 6 back rests per sheet if we make the backs 41" and then fill in with a cut of extra foam.

3 sheets of foam needed
6 41" x 22" rests per sheet
Third sheet has 82" x 54" left over (after 2 41" x 22" back rests are removed from it)
14 4" x 22" 'toppers' needed
Extra on third sheet has enough for 40 'toppers'