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  • Contacted Black Rock Solar about project, asking for guidance. Never heard back
  • Contacted for info and got this response:
 average 5 hours of sun
 Hours of operation with battery:  12 hours
 Nominal load: 15 Amps
 Nominal voltage: 5 volts
 Daily Amp/hours= 15x5=75
 Battery required= 110 amp/hours
 Solar panel required= 300 Watts
  • Contacted (
    • They estimated higher efficiency loss for BM conditions. (Normal estimate for off-the-grid is 67%, BM is more like 50%.)
    • Also estimated 7 hours peak sun for Reno
    • Based on 40 Amp LED draw 5V, 10h usage, and 7 h charging, this should mean 456 Watts needed for solar panels.

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Solarium Power

~ 10hours night time operation
~ 14hours day time charging
Solarium Electronics
35A calculated max (1,698 LEDs x 20mA plus an extra amp for circuitry and loss)
Power converter (6 x 12V Pico TLynx)
12V to 5V
93.6% efficiency
Trojan 150 Ah x 2
Charge Controller
Solar array