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The Solarium was an art project built for Burning Man 2011. It was a 7 foot tall domed structure that participants were able to enter and sit within. At night, it displayed a continuous sunrise/daytime/sunset/nighttime cycle against the inside ceiling of the structure every nine minutes. During the day solar panels will recharged deep cycle batteries that powered the LED light show.

Timeline Edit

See the full schedule on this Google Spreadsheet

Components Edit

The Solarium is made up of 6 major components:

Administration Edit

Solarium administration includes interacting with the Burning Man Foundation, working on fundraising and keeping track of progress being made.

More on the Admin page

Fundraising Edit

  • Kickstarter site

More on the Fundraising Page

Power Edit

The power system includes:

  • Solar cells
  • A charge controller
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • DC to DC converters.

This component delivers a reliable 5V @ 30A of power to the project.

More on the Power page

Electronics Edit

The electronic system includes:

  • All LEDs used to light the inside of the dome
  • All LEDs on the outside used to make the Solarium visible at night
  • PCB boards
  • Effects controller
  • Wiring

This component creates the daily cycle of the sun within the Solariuim

More on the Electronics page

Programming Edit

The programming component includes all the code needed to run the Solarium light show.

More on the Programming page

Structure Edit

The structural system includes:

This component creates the physical structure of the Solarium

More on the Structure page

Coverings Edit

The coverings component includes:

  • The fitted tarpaulin dome covering
  • Guy line coverings
  • Interior dome lining
  • Door covering
  • Interior wall and floor coverings

This component makes the structure water and wind resistant, provides a 'screen' for the LED light effect on the inside and a level of comfort for people inside.

More on the Coverings page

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